"The Only Serious Choice For Javelin & AMX Restoration Parts"



Set headlight doors, 1968, 1969 left side fluted style remote mirror (has short cable, but can be used in AMX or Javelin with cable swap), trunnion bearing kits, one lower ball joint. 1968, 1969, 1970 Javelin stainless steel door glass outer edge trim set. Rare 1967 / 1969 "AM" script voltage reg, 1968 original long style scissor jack, accelerator cable, lower grille support (large piece under grille), upper and lower core support set, left and right fender extensions, right side chrome seat trim, clear front turn signal lenses, front amber turn signal lenses for Javelin, large Javelin script emblems. Chrome automatic shift knob, automatic shift indicator lens, vacuum washer bag, electric washer bag motor, AMX or Javelin left and right tail lens set, right tail light housing, left and right outer door handles (pebbled type), black lock levers, interior chrome paddles, door release latch, emergency brake release handles. AM script logo (very limited) ignition and trunk key blanks. 1" logo square, MINT 1968 black crashpad. Mucho used parts as well including excellent used tail lenses, NOS and Mint "J" molding sets, etc. Used Big Bad Javelin hood scoop set, other Big Bad AMX and Javelin related parts are also in stock.

NOS Mirrors, Left and right Hornet, Gremlin, Pacer, most years and models. Primer or chrome. Also have limited number of NOS 1968, 1969, 1970 AMX or Javelin left and right hand mirrors. For those people who need mounting templates for left or right hand mirrors, I have those too! (NOTE: ALL right hand mirrors mount further forward on the door than the left side. Having the correct template is very important! Please inquire with your needs.

AMX dash number plates: I have over 100 AMX dash number plates ranging from 00839 to 21784 for sale or trade. I also have many used door tags and engine valve cover tags. Many different date codes, and color combinations to choose from. Call for more details.

Scuff plates: ONE SET ONLY, Original "etched" scuff plates for the 1968 - 1974 Javelin and AMX, "plain" non-etched AMX or Javelin scuff plates. Also, scuff plates for the 1970 up Gremlin, Hornet, Concord, Spirit, and Eagle two door cars, and ONE set for a four door Hornet, Concord, or Eagle sedan or wagon. Also have one very nice used set of scuff plates for Matador coupe. Quantities are LIMITED! Act now before it's too late. When they're gone, that's it!

AMX and Javelin radios and antennas: NOS 1968 - 1974 AMX and Javelin antennas, good used 1968 - 1974 antennas, lots of misc. antenna parts. Also have aftermarket replacement units. I have a limited selection of excellent used factory radios. AM, AM/FM, AM 8-track, AM/FM/CB, auto reverse cassette, and one NOS 1985 AM/FM radio. (Can be custom fit to any AMX or Javelin)

NOS Hornet rear stainless molding: Suitable substitute for the 1968 and 1969 AMX and Javelin hood molding as previously outlined in the AMX-tra. Comes with clips.

NOS and used technical service manuals: for 1965 Classic and Ambassador, 1966 American, 1967 American, NOS 68, NOS 69, NOS 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 78 (3-piece) lots of AMC owners manuals too.

NOS Bumper guards: NOS set 1971, 1972 chrome front bumper guard set with rubber strips. NOS 1968, 1972 right side rear bumper guard. Also have other late model NOS and used AMC bumper guard sets. Inquire.

Used Intake Manifolds and valve covers:  All are used unless noted.

Stock AMC V/8 4-bbl cast iron manifolds: 1970 360 and 390. 1968 and 1969 290, 343 and 390. 1971 360 and 401.

V/8 Aluminum aftermarket: 1968 and 1969 Edelbrock R-4B (with factory part number)
1970 and later Edelbrock Performer
1970 and later Edelbrock UR-18 Tunnel ram in excellent condition
1970 and later Hilborn/Enderlie fuel injection manifold.
Heat blocker V/8 Intake manifold gasket sets.

Valve covers: Aerolite AMC "Indy" tall, finned aluminum AMC V/8 valve covers (as seen in this Website), also stock steel painted and chrome types in stock.

Exhaust manifolds and headers: New and used AMC V/8 headers. 1966 - 1969 AMC rectangular port header gaskets. Stock V/8 log manifolds and factory "Free-flow" manifold sets.

NOS Factory Pedal pads and overlays: One set 1968 - 1974 clutch and brake pedal pads. One very scarce NOS bolt-on auto brake pedal pad with overlay, one (scarce) 1968 gas pedal, one 1969 - 1974 "rough finish" gas pedal assembly, late model AMC gas and brake pedals, and original stainless steel gas pedal overlays for 1969, 1970 and up. Also have NOS "Safe Command" Automatic brake pedal pads and overlays.

New hood insulations and trunk mats are available. They are repros but are excellent! Also interior 1/4 panel board sets for 1968, 1969, 1970 AMX, and 1970 glovebox liners.

NOS and used air cleaner parts: 1968, 1969, 1970 4-bbl, and 2-bbl air cleaners. NOS black lids for most all engine sizes. NOS 1968, 1969, 1970 AMC stovepipe, I have a few AMC stovepipes in excellent to mint condition. I stock individual pieces or complete systems for most all years. NOS air cleaner elements. Many other NOS and choice used air cleaner parts.

NOS and used Grilles: One used 1970 AMX grille in "fixable" condition. I stock NOS and used grilles for most all years and models of the AMX and Javelin, to include: 1969, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1974 Javelins, 1968, 1969 AMX, 1970 AMX, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976 Hornet, 1977 Hornet AMX, 1977, 1978 Gremlin, 1981 Spirit (also have some used grilles). NOS Original grille brackets are available for most all years. Good selection of used brackets, and lower grille supports in stock.

NOS 1968 - 1974 AMX and Javelin tail lenses for most all years. Also, plenty of very good, excellent and mint used 1968, 1969 AMX and Javelin tail lenses. Also have some NOS housings for same. Also NOS and used Hornet, Gremlin, and Spirit.

Engine and body touch-up paint: New AMC Alamosa blue engine paint by the can or by the case. Hundreds of original "Ameri-color" touch-up and spray cans in various colors. (Due to the age of the paint in the Ameri-color paint cans, this should be considered a novelty item) Inquire.

NOS, NEW, and used disc brake parts: NOS set of 1966 - 1970 solid disc brake rotors. Also other used rotors .475 or better. 1968, 1969, 1970 disc pads. One set (bead blasted and painted) 1966 - 1970 disc brake backing plates. Also have new rear emergency brake short cables. NOS 1971 - 1974 disc brake rotors, NOS 1971 - 1974 brake pads, plus other replacement and conversions parts.

Cooling system, air conditioning and heater parts: AMC V/8 and 6-cyl fans and fan shrouds. Limited stock of used A/C components. Some parts getting scarce. Inquire with your needs. I stock rare FACTORY NOS V/8 heater control valves. Going fast! Buy one while you still have the chance!

NOS SC/Rambler parts: NOS scuff plates, SC/Rambler clutch and brake pedal pads, radio delete plate, misc.


NOS 1970 AMX Left and right rear 1/4 panel extension set. Excellent used rear black door panels for leather interior Javelin. All NOS AMX hood latch assembly. Includes: Main latch support, latch, latch to bellcrank linkage rod, bellcrank, outer release rod, plastic guide (attaches to bumper) for hood release rod, all necessary clips and screws. 1970 Rim-Blow horn contact switch replacement kit, auto console ashtray, factory logo radiator cap, radio knobs, chrome and black interior lock levers, interior paddle release latch, map light kit. Battery tray, main hood latch support, accelerator cable, 1970 low fuel warning kit, 1970 headlight/key warning buzzer, electric washer bag pump, electric washer bag, vacuum washer bag, left/right and center tail light lenses, left side tail light housings, amber and red side marker lights, AMX clear/chrome front turn signal lenses, 1970 AMX left bumper scoop. 1970 AMX turn signal housings, 1970 Javelin left and right turn signal housing and lens set (2 wire), 1970 Javelin left turn signal housing (plug-in style), left front fender extensions, left and right headlight doors, 304 emblems, automatic shift indicator lens, amber front turn signal lenses (for Javelin), outer door handles (left and right), used 1970 AMX rocker panel sets, original AM logo ignition and trunk key blanks, late style 1" logo square.

NOS and used dash overlays: Excellent used 1969 A/C woodgrain center dash overlay. One very scarce early 1968 AMX and Javelin black A/C overlay in Excellent condition! (used on cars with AMX number or Javelin nameplate on glovebox door, NOS 1970 Javelin woodgrain/red with A/C, Used (driver quality only) 1970 AMX no A/C on black backing. Excellent used 1970 Javelin A/C woodgrain on RED backing, and many more. Inquire with your needs.

NOS and used 4-Speed parts. NOS 1969 - 1970 Hurst 4-speed shifter linkage (call for details), "Kevlar clutch discs" and components, huge selection of new and used T-10 related parts. NOS 4-Speed bellcrank and Z-bar parts for early 1968, 1969 cars. Lots of unusual small parts. Please inquire. 1967, 1968 4-speed reverse lock-out cable, NOS cluster gears, factory AMC shift boots, original shift boot retaining rings, 1969, 1970 shift knobs (black), 1971 - 1974 black shift knobs, original 1969 - 1974 aluminum 4-speed shifter mounting plates, plus many other misc. Lots of 2.23 first gear T-10's, & bellhousings. Plenty of shifters, linkage, Z-bars, throw-out forks, etc.

NOS and used rear axle gear sets and rear end parts: NOS 4.10 Ring and Pinon set, used 3.54 Ring and Pinon set, used 3.15 Ring and Pinon set, used 2.87 Ring and Pinon set, used 2.73 Ring and Pinon set. Misc. others. Lots of axle shafts, housings, etc, Please inquire.

NOS and used flywheels, flexplates and harmonic balancers: Used 1968, 1969 290 4-speed, used 1968, 1969 343 4-speed, used 1968, 1969 390 4-speed, used 1970 390 4-speed, used 1970 360 4-speed, NOS and used 1972-up 401, 360, &304 flexplates, 1968, 1969 343, 6 cyl. flexplates too. 1968 - 1974 290, 304,343, 360, 390 and 401 harmonic balancers in stock. Inquire.

NOS and used Ram-Air parts: Hard to find rear round ducts, NOS Vacuum actuator, NOS left and right ram air scoops, NOS left and right ram-air moldings, NOS "Y" ducts. Also, have lots of used moldings and parts. Also, new Ram-Air screens, and seals.

NOS factory AMC V/8 points and condenser kits, air filters, V/8 and six cylinder oil filters, fuel filter kits, dipstick tubes and 1971 up dipstick tube brackets.

NOS Door parts all years: Door bushings, hinge pins, hinge springs, early and late style door strikers (screws into door jamb), inside door handle release latch. Also misc bushings, brackets, etc. Inquire.

NOS/Used gauges and Rally-Pac parts: 1968, 1969 Rally Pack gauge mounting bezel. Rally Pack gauges for most years, wiring harnesses, fittings, clocks, speedos, tachs, oil/amp, vacuum gauges. Various other NOS and used gauges and parts in stock.

NOS wheels and trim parts: I have the only supply in the country of the following wheel parts: NOS Spirit finned aluminum wheel chrome center caps, Spirit flanged lugnuts. Eagle center caps for 5-spoke wheels, 14" stainless steel beauty rings, and original stainless steel capped lugnuts. Also have original chrome lugnuts, one set (4) NOS 1/4" deep rally wheel center caps, 1/8" deep caps, rally cap retainers, NOS D-70x14 space saver spare. Lots of used 1/4 deep caps, rings and misc. Most all types of rims in stock to include 14x6 Pacer forged 5-spoke, 14x7 Spirit turbines, 15" Eagle 5-spoke, Magnums, Rallys, aftermarket, etc. Professional Aluminum wheel polishing is   also available.

NOS and Repro weatherstrip: One set only NOS 1968 - 1970 AMX or Javelin inner and outer sweeps. One set factory outer window sweeps for 1970 thru 1987 2-door AMC cars (except Pacer). One set ORIGINAL factory roof rail seals for 1968 - 1970 Javelin, factory original 1971 - 1974 Javelin vertical 1/4 window weatherstrips, repro inner/outer fuzzys, roof rails, doors and more!