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AMC Services

Here are just a few of the services I offer. Call for details on your particular needs.

Late 1950's Rambler thru 1972 AMC inside rear view mirrors and 1970 and later left and right NON-REMOTE mirror rebuild service. If you have one of these mirrors that won't hold adjustment or is just plain sloppy, then this is the fix for you! This repair is guaranteed forever. Some repair services are also available for certain 1970 and later remote mirrors as well. Call for more specific details.

Electronic ignition conversion for the "Delco-Remy" V/8 and 6-cylinder distributors. Kit fits entirely under original cap without the use of an external "black box" or amplifier.

AMC door hinge rebuilding service.

Torque Link rebuilding service using poly bushings.

1970 AMX and Javelin Ram Air service: Send me your old leaky actuator and I will replace it with a NEW one. Identical to the original, plus the mounting bracket gets a bead blast and a new coat of paint. The assembly will look and work as new!