"The Only Serious Choice For Javelin & AMX Restoration Parts"

The Latest Unusual Arrivals

NOS 1969 - 1970 Rally-Pac gauge set (oil/amp and vacuum)
1969 AMX/Javelin Rally-Pac (call for details)
1968 AMX/Javelin Rally-Pac (call for details)
NOS 1969 - 1970 AMX or Javelin clock kit
NOS 1968, 1969 AMX or Javelin "Fluted" style right hand companion mirror complete
MINT 68 Black passenger crashpad
Nice used 1970 AMX or Javelin AM/FM radio
NOS 1970 Ram-Air vacuum actuator for SC/Rambler, Machine, and 1971 - 1974 Javelin AMX
NOS 1971 - 1974 Javelin AMX hood molding
NOS Eagle "Sport" or SX-4 black hood molding
NOS 1969, 1970 Hurst 4-speed shifter linkage only (call for details)
NOS 1968 - 1974 AMX/Javelin upper radiator core support
NOS set 1970 Javelin SST hood trim
NOS 1970 Black Rimblow steering wheel
NOS 1970 Javelin Rimblow center metal trim piece with medallion
NOS 1970 Machine Rimblow center metal trim with medallion Also have one for the 1970 AMX. NOS metal trim with MINT medallion. Call for details
Rare option: NOS 1969, 1970 Tan/brown door panel "Trash pocket" kits. Complete with all hardware.
NOS Black AM script V/8 oil filters (very scarce)
NOS White AMC logo V/8 oil filters (early type)
NOS 1969 AM script Fuel filter kits. (screw in type)
NOS 55 amp "Dual diode" alternator plate.
NOS 1967 - 1969 Automatic floor shifter knob (not chromed!) Perfect for those who want the stock knob, but want to paint or plate one in a different color.
One NOS Black Spirit 4-speed console armrest.
NOS 1973, 1974 Javelin grille
NOS 1970 Chrome locking gas cap (non-vented)
NEW (Scarce) 1970 AMC "Story of American Automobiles" brochure (1970 AMX artist drawing on front cover).
Used M-12 Automatic trans pan in very good condition
Used 0 to 200, and 0 to 160 Kilo Speedos for Hornet and Gremlin, and various others in stock. Ideal for race cars, or just a great conversation piece!

Quantities are limited. Call if interested.