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My 1969 Hunter Green AMX w 343 has a bunch of parts due to Larry's devoted efforts. I fondly gaze at my exact reproduction Brown carpet kit, now turned green. Exactly like the factory kit did, smile. Back in the '80's HE was ACTIVATING our group, smile. I have 24 or so copies of his AM-XTRA newsletter still in my library, that I peruse occasionly. Always a help, technally efficient. GOD BLESS his family...

Added: December 24, 2018
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Larry should get a lot of credit for unifying the AMX community back in 1974 with a National Club. I am proud to say I was Charter member #75 and became a life member when that option was given. Long before the internet or any other sort of magazine coverage I would look forward to the AMX-tra arriving with news and information. I also attended the first dozen or so national meets in Kenosha where I made a lot of friends and contacts and was able to purchase more parts than can be imagined. Though politics may have become to frequent after awhile, Larry should always be remembered as the first! Thank you Larry fr helping me enjoy these cars for the last 45 years.

Added: November 29, 2018
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So sad to hear of Larry's passing.Only spoke to him a couple of times & what a pleasure it was.We definitely shared the Amc passion.
Make sure you keep those Amc's stoking up there Larry.

Added: November 28, 2018
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In last month’s newsletter, Harold wrote a essay on the subject of what a legacy is. I would like to take a few minutes here to write about what my thoughts are and my concerns in this subject and its actions.

The word legacy, what does it mean when someone uses that word to describe something. I was wondering myself, so I dug up my trusty old dictionary and looked up the word. The word legacy means: Something that is handed down from an ancestor or the past to others. I took that as meaning what I did in the past would be handed down in the future to someone else. This could include a body of work to include everything from writing a book to collecting cars or things that would benefit society in general. These things could be left to a son or brother or to a group of people to benefit them in knowledge of the subject or in material things. So this word is a powerful word. It can be defined anything that is written or a material thing would or could be admired (such as a monument of some sort) or even to mark an event.

Now with the knowledge of the meaning of the word, legacy I am going to attempt to write about somebody that most of us know. Larry Mitchell left us a lot, a legacy that many of us will never achieve in this lifetime. Larry wrote two books, wrote an awarding winning newsletter (Moto Award) for 30 years. Founded 3 National clubs (CACI, American Motorsports, and yes AMO). Some may argue that Larry had nothing to do with AMO but he did and the reason is that Larry was on the Board of Directors for AMO back in the late 70s or early 80s. All these things were all based on one subject. American Motors Corporation (AMC), the makers of Rambler, Javelin, AMX, and other related vehicles. Larry was also a race car driver in his spare time, racing his Red Rocket AMX at the Silver State Challenge and the Pike Peak Hillclimb with various degree of success. From appearances, his racing was somewhat limited, he did make it a big success in just by being there.

Okay, we have a somewhat brief idea what Larry did but how about some things he did in his private life? I have had the honor to know Larry for over 16 or so years and I have a very good idea what he did when he did decompress to do some of the things that were a little more fun and fulfilling for him. Larry liked cats, kind of like myself, however there was a limit to the number of cats he had. I think around 3 or 4 of them at any given time. The one that I remember was a cat named Sammy (or something like that) that he taken the time to well train. I think that Larry trained that cat specifically against me. Every time that I would enter into his home, the cat would go into rampage mode and attack me. This cat had a very different mood when I showed up egged on by Larry. The way to handle the cat would be that Larry would feed it shrimp (raw in most cases). The cat would then calm down like this was the bell to end the round.

The other things that Larry liked to do in his spare time included collecting old Mitchell transistor radios that he would buy most of the time on E-Bay or some other website. These radios would eventually grow into a pretty good size collection. In some cases his radios would be displayed alongside his collection of die cast cars. These model cars included a lot of AMC stuff alongside other makes (Ford, Chevy, etc.). Some of these radios even worked and Larry kind of liked to mess with them to get them to work if they didn’t work when he got them.

It seems to me that Larry and Linda (his wife) would take trips to Hawaii every couple of years or so. They would go to some of the out of the way places just to see the beauty of that area. They would always come back and tell us of the trip and the such. Some of the errors made along the way was always fun to hear about and the successes they also had. The other things that Larry would like to do is sit in his favorite outside chair and smoke a big cigar. When he would go into this mode, it normally would be toward the end of the day and just sit there and quietly smoke his cigar. Kind of like a “well this is end of the day for me and now I’m going to sit and relax”.

Larry was a person much like us in that he would be normal for most of time. To be normal for him was kind of like to be a thinker about the world around him. When the Rocky Mountain AMC Club was going though its turmoil in the early 2000s Larry was there thinking in how to make the club a better place for all of us. Yes, we did a lot of work ourselves, but Larry was always there to help out by offering sound advice and counsel to those who seek it. He also was very good at determining if something was bothering me and even sometimes saying some things that I was thinking about but didn’t say anything to anybody about it.

Larry’s legacy is there and will be always there for as long as there are people who will remember him in this light. In a way Larry will be also known for being the father of the AMC hobby. Larry started an AMC Club back in 1974 (over 40 years ago) in the little town of Rockford, Illinois and it blossomed into one the largest international clubs in the world. He was of the first to have a club of this size which inspired the rest of the national clubs to be formed and still continue on to this day. So it really does not matter, each person has a legacy, whether you leave something to your heir or you have something that is large to leave behind for others, you can succeed after you leave this earth after the fact. It all depends on how you look at it whether or not you will be thought of as most will remember Larry in this world.

It should also be noted that Larry (per his and Linda wishes) will not have a funeral or memorial services. He will be cremated and his ashes will be given to the family.

Thanks Larry for the memories.

Don Daleske,
Rocky Mountain AMC Club, Ltd

Added: November 26, 2018
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There is only one Larry Mitchell! Once you know him you can never forget him!

I enjoyed the memories this website offered.

His dedication and passion for AMC was very inspiring and has left a lasting legacy.

Added: November 25, 2018
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